Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monday Crazy Questions:The Bucket list meme

This weeks meme: The Bucket List and other oddities.
Welcome to the
July 6th version of Monday Crazy Questions.(which will be posted by Sunday eve)
This is just a short meme meant to have some quick fun and not get too tedious!
Every Monday we will post questions that we hope are a little thought provoking! Have Fun!

Be creative on the fill in the blanks !!!


1. Do you have a bucket list?(if you have it posted feel free to post your URL)
If you don't have one, then jot down 5 quick things on a piece of paper that you know you'd want on your list...or imagine some of the things you know you'd put on a Bucket list to be. (potential future list)

Somewhat Yes

2. Do you think you have already fulfilled anything on your bucket list or bucket list to be?

yes one was to see Barbados and we did that in May :-)

3. what are the top 3 things you'd like to do before you leave this world?

Travel Italy.
Make sure my kids have good things to remember about me.
Do something dare devilish.

4. If it would take a lot of money to fulfill one of your wishes on your bucket list, would you try to find the money or just skip that one?

Probably skip it and make a new one more obtainable.

5. fill in the blank -Life is just a -----temporary place and what you make of it.

6. fill in the blank - The glass isn't half empty it's ------just a lot closer to the bottom then it used to be

7. If you had a chance to be with your MOST favorite entertainer in the whole world before you

This screenshot shows Ingrid Bergman and Cary ...

leave this world, who would that be and how much time would you want to spend with them?

If he were alive....Cary Grant OMG HOT
and as much time as I could :-)

Someone who is alive...Craig Ferguson ---I'd love to spend a few days with him...he's JUST cutesy and he is so funny..I'd laugh my buns off the whole time.

8. If you were given the chance to go anywhere in the world before the end comes...where would you go and what would you want to see?

Italy... Venice and Rome. The architecture and the gondola rides.
Pope's chair, Basilica di San Giovanni in Late...Gondola Ride in The Venetian - Las Vegas
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  1. I'd like to do something dare devilish too. Italy is beautiful. It's something in between my bucket list :-) Happy Monday.

  2. ow barbados! i'd love to visit that place too.
    great answers :) mine's HERE.

  3. I don;t want to burst a bubble here, but wasn't Cary Grant gay? Oh. I see. More of a challenge. Never mind.

  4. cary grant eh. yep. i can see you with cary grant. and i've been to barbados too. very poor, very green and lots of fun & sun.


  5. BUD....well hell...CG GAY TELL me it isn't so!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he was married to Dyan Cannon...what does that make her? A Lesbian? lol

  6. Hi Stef....the area we were in Barbados was indeed very poor.... I guess there are much nicer wasn't my favorite of our St Martaan was the Island that I ended up falling in love with!
    So, Bud burst my Bubble..did you read that? Jeesh

  7. Good choice- Italy and the architecture.

  8. Italy is good, I might go to Greece someday but that's really as far as I wanna go away from home.

  9. thanks to all for doing the meme today!! Hugs

  10. I've been there ant it's worth going.

    My answers are ::here::

    Have a nice week.


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