Friday, July 3, 2009

I am addicted to template change

Do you ever feel like you are over blogging? Like you just can’t help yourself, but you have to have another blog! And what the hell are you going to talk about on all thse blogs?
I have like 3 or now actually 5…I only use 2. Well now 3...But, I had to get another one started on WordPress to see how it works there and jeese too tough if you want to use a theme that isn't
the ones they offer when setting up your blog!
I feel the urge to change my template about once a month. Maybe, it's a woman thing?
In the meantime I’ll do what I usually do….blog in a fog!


  1. i love the title "bloggin in a fog". if you really want to change the look of your blog there's always all those blog pages links. duh!

    i usually change mine every month and i use the cutest blog on the block.


  2. you know I have actually gone through the cutest blog before...I do love their blogs...but it always send me over to another website...purple's like another website all together. I had a couple blogs that I started a few months ago to get practice in blogging...
    BUT LOL No one visited my page...I felt so lonely, I left it and never went back... I should ask for alimony! But I don't mind this plain old one.. I got to make the header my way that way :-) Hell I have 3 blogs now...what am I going to do with 3 blogs...Jeesh.....


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