Thursday, July 9, 2009

flash friday 55 the saga

when I began with the flash friday a few weeks ago...I did a Story and I kind of wanted to make a continuing story each week but changed my mind the next week and wrote about a tornado. LOL the reason I am explaining this is that I somehow deleted that first post. I can't find it anywhere. I could only recollect the basic story but I can't tell you verbatim. Sorry , but the jest of the 1st story is -- (A quick synopsis)
a man running down the street , sweat covering his brow, he ran into a building, feeling his heart beating , he went to a corridor where there were less people and calmed down. he felt the envelope in his pocket and he could feel that the money was still there.

since I decided after the tornado post , that I did want to continue the story from my 1st post, you all might have to look back to remember what the previous posts were. It was suggested to me, by Hootin Annie that I might copy and paste the previous posts so you can keep up with the whole story.
If that is OK to do that...then each week I will just put the past stories at the top in small lettering. And my newest post at the bottom. BY the way... I have now named my characters Adam and yes you guessed it...EVE..LOL

so here is the 2nd installme
nt:from 2 weeks ago
the phone rang and she felt fearful.
he apologized for calling so late.
she waited to hear the news. He quietly said "I have the money".
Choking up, she said, "Thank God".
"it's ok, I am coming home."he said
"no matter what, I am here for you", she replied.
And he said, "I know".

this is the 3rd post
He arrived home later than he expected.
The house is dark.
Where could she be? she knew I was coming.
She said she'd be there no matter what.
The door was open a crack. she'd never leave the door open.
Something is wrong.
He listened for sounds but only heard the deafening sound of silence.

Todays continuation:

4th post

As Adam entered, he flicked the familiar light switch to on.
He dropped his keys on the table and cautiously entered further in to the house.
His gut told him what happened as did the note hanging on the bedroom door.
The note read, "return the money if you ever want to see her again."


  1. you watch too many spy movies!!!!

    but i like your thinking!


  2. This is developing just right. Nicely done.

  3. Now you have us waiting for the next week's chapter.
    Good 55

  4. Thank you Lani for this weeks 55!
    You've done a fine job here My Dear...
    Thank you as well for visiting me and others today...YOU ROCK!!
    Have a Wonderful Week-End...G

  5. O Dear, she has been kidnapped for ransom!


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