Wednesday, July 22, 2009


it's the July 23rd version and I can't think of a catchy title

Welcome to the July 23rd version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by
Berleen, the number 22 and the color of the last road kill you saw.

1. You walk into a store and the cashier is being held up by a robber. The robber's accomplice is dead on the floor at your feet with a shotgun laying next to him. The robber does not see you, but the cashier does - what do you do?
run like hell and call 911...I am no hero!

2. We go to an ice cream shop for an ice cream cone. You say you are
buying and I am going to stay in the car. You ask me what I want and I say "surprise me", what kind of ice cream cone am I going to get?
the one the waiter spit in!

3. You have a dream that your co-worker, friend or whoever is hit by a garbage truck after they back into a ladder with a black cat on it. The next day you see that person standing by a ladder with a black cat on it and there is a garbage truck driving down the road.... what do you do?
Go buy a lottery ticket..

4. What is the most money you've won on a lottery or scratch off ticket?
$5000.00 honest! Not playing with ya!

5. A neighbor kid down the street comes to your door and offers to wash all of your windows outside for $10 - do you have him do it?
Hell no.....that'd be one of the easier jobs for me to do...

True LiesImage via Wikipedia

6. Go to Google Images. Type in the name of the last movie you saw. Post the first picture that comes up.
we don't go to movie theaters very it's the last movie I remember watching on TV last week

7. Your local animal shelter calls you and says there are 3 dogs that need an immediate foster home for 3 days. If you do not accept, the dogs are put down that day. Do you take them in?
OH Gawd don't do this to me... I couldn't risk a dog being around my little old gal....if they would attack her I'd be sick... I couldn't risk that. Oh call me later, I may change my mind.

8. What is the messiest room in your home?
My Den....I have a card table for my the desk that Mike is building is still in the garage waiting for him to finish it.

9. Have you ever been to a wedding that participated in a strange tradition that you had never heard of?
Well Just the fact that they go through with it is strange enough to me!

10. Name one sport that you just don't get.
polo..chasing balls around on horses...I do not get that!

11. What was the last email that came into your inbox about?
It was from Royal Caribbean advertising a cruise to the caribbean.

12. Have you ever purchased anything from a sex shop? Extra points if you tell us what it was....
EXTRA POINTS??? and what the hell am I going to use the points on???? (invisible points at that)

13. Go back to that Google Images link... type in

Day 39 - Yoplait Thick & Creamy Strawberry Yogurt

the last food item that you ate. Post the 2nd picture it comes up with.

14. Got any bumper stickers on your vehicle? What are they?
Hell NO

15. What meme question do you wish was never asked again
Anything about my purchase at a sex shop. there are probably others


  1. True Lies was so long ago!

    but you have fun answers, and I'm glad I stooped by here!

    Played today, too! here ;) Have a great week!

  2. Oh and me both...the extra points for going into and telling about a sex shop?!!!

    I played and thunk...come on over if you can find time to visit with me. I'd love your company. Happy Thursday. [for the Thursday thunks...scroll down a bit, okay?]

  3. Great answers...I saw true lies last week too. Great movie!

  4. just think what you can get at the sex shop with those xtra points!!!!!

    too funny!


  5. You did a wonderful job avoiding the sex shop question! And "True Lies" was a great flick...

  6. I must have seen True lies 5 times at least...but I'd watch it again!

    I thought I did a great job avoiding the sextoy question!!! :-)

  7. LMAOOOO!! My favorite saying is "Friends don't let friends get married" ::shudder::

  8. and especially if they're drunk! :-)

  9. Great answers! Happy Thunking!

  10. Eeewww @ #2. That would be quite a surprise! lol

  11. I haven't seen Arnold's movies in awhile.


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