Saturday, July 25, 2009

The "Leave It to Meme" Meme

Welcome back to Sunday Stealing. Sunday Stealing originated on WTIT: The Blog authored by Bud Weiser. Here we will steal all types of memes from every corner of the blogosphere. Our promise to you is that we will work hard to find the most interesting and intelligent memes. You may have heard of the expression, “honor amongst thieves”. In that age-old tradition, we also have our rules. First, we always credit the blog that we stole it from and we will “fess up” to the blog owner where we stole the meme. We also provide a link to the victim's post. (It's our way of saying "Thanks!") We do sometimes edit the original meme, usually to make it more relevant to our global players, to challenge our players, sometimes to select that meme's best questions, or simply to make it less repetitive from either this new meme or recently asked questions from a prior featured meme. Let's go!

Today we ripped this meme off a blogger known as Kyddryn from Shadow and Sweetwater. She claims she stole it from someone on Facebook. But, it was probably stolen there as well. So, of course, that will be as far as we go. Tracing back our theft's thieves might take some time. Link back to us at Sunday Stealing!

Cheers to all us thieves!

Sunday Stealing: The "Leave It to Meme" Meme

1. Who was your FIRST date?
I really don't remember his name

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love?
No Rarely, we have 2 kids but we don't need to be in touch over them anymore.

Cherry vodkaImage by spinnerin via Flickr

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink?
10th grade prom....cherry vodka and coke....and my date puked all night. (my future husband)

4. What was your FIRST job?
Car hop at a drive inn food place

a&w carhopImage by graciepoo via Flickr

5. What was your FIRST

1965 Chevy II NovaImage by Brain Toad Photography via Flickr

chevy nova

6. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane?
redbank new jersey

7. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk?
Sherry Gunther...haven't talked to her in years...But I am still close to my 2nd best friend from like 8th grade...we talk or write every week.

8. Whose wedding did you attend the FIRST time?
like the first one I ever went to in my life or what? .. wow who wrote these questions?

9. Tell us about your FIRST roommate.
My first husband... it didn't work out to good. He like to smack me.

10. If you had one wish, what would it be (other than more wishes)?
that I can have excellent health until I am quite old. I think health is the most important matter how long you live or how rich you get etc...nothing will be good if you have shitty health!

11. What is something you would learn if you had the chance?
How to play the guitar.

12. Did you marry the FIRST person you were in love with?
UGH YES ...not sure it was love...I may have still been in the crush phases.

13. What were the first lessons you ever took and why?
what kind of lessons.
I guess it would be catechism. or clarinet... depending on what the heck you wanted with this stupid question... why...because I had to...
Is it me or are some of these questions sort of ambiguous?

14. What is the first thing you do when you get home?
FROM WHERE? What time of the day? it all depends on what time of the day or night that it is...
I guess the first thing is turn on a light if it's dark.... really seriously the person who wrote these questions wasn't very "DEEP"......I bet they don't do this for a living!


  1. Glad you got rid of Hubby No 1...bastard! I laughed at #3...been there and done that. And 14 was excellent :)

  2. thanks thom!!!!! 14 is so true tho,

  3. LOL...mine's up now and there's something waiting there for you. :) I had to work late and it through me off LOL.

  4. I enjoyed reading your answers. This week's meme is a whole lotta personal...I like it.

    Mine is now posted. Hope you can find a couple of minutes today and stop by for a visit. Happy Sunday.

    Glad to read that you got 'away' from the wife smacker!!!

  5. I'm thinking I would have puked by the combo too :)

  6. Love your answers ... cherry vodka ...yikes ;)

  7. wow! my 1st car was a chevy nova too! you are too funny. i'm with you tho' who comes up with these assinine qustions???? maybe we should start our own meme!



  8. Some of these questions were really written strangely. But you did a great job with the cards dealt! Have a happy Sunday...

  9. OH stef.... I think I DO have my own meme...
    Monday Crazy Questions Right Here

  10. Hi Bud...hey nice of you to stop in! I am just getting to reading the answers...I'll be doing a lot of reading this afternoon. then we are going out to eat...I may have to finish tomorrow...geesh
    yes I agree...there were some oddly written questions... or maybe I am just a tight ass... Ya know my name is Lana and read that backwards!

  11. You're right, good health is sooooo important!!!!


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